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Does your work need fine-tuning—or major retooling?

Are you aching to send your manuscript to a publisher or agent, but first want to make absolutely sure it’s ready?

Let me help you.

Level One Coaching – with Page Notes.

If your manuscript is a polished draft, this may be the coaching you need. I'll read your manuscript closely several times and write my comments, questions, and suggestions directly on your pages. Then I'll spend an hour or more on the phone with you to go over your work in detail, paragraph by paragraph, line by line, sometimes word by word.

When our session is over, I'll return your manuscript so you can review my page notes. Then we'll get on the phone again so I can answer any remaining questions you have.

Level Two Coaching – without Page Notes.

If your manuscript is an early draft, or if you still have questions about the direction of your story or the development of your characters, this might be the coaching for you. I'll read your manuscript closely, then spend an hour on the phone with you to go over significant problems I find, brainstorm story and character arcs, and discuss specific suggestions for making your work stronger.

It’s all about the work.

No matter which level you choose, our coaching session will help you improve your:

  • Story structure, plot, pacing
  • Characters, relationships, dialogue
  • Language, narrative voice, point of view
  • Crucial first 10 pages
  • Marketing, positioning, sales potential

I will help you look at your words through fresh eyes. I’ll show you what’s working, and what isn’t. I will help you cut through the clutter and dead ends, so you can express your story in the best possible way.

By the end of our session, you will have a clear understanding of the work your manuscript needs before it’s ready to be published.

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