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“Eric Elfman was a wonderful writing coach during the Big Sur workshop. He walked comfortably alongside diverse writers, making suggestions without intruding on each person’s vision and style. His questions and comments were insightful and supportive, whether a project was at its beginning stages or near completion.”

—Meg Medina, Milagros: The Girl From Away (Henry Holt Books)

“I cannot praise Eric's help enough. I worked hard to polish my manuscript, considered and reconsidered every word and thought, showed it to several people whose opinion I respected and incorporated their useful feedback. Eric caught things that we all missed. From the minute to larger developmental issues, he combed through my material with the sharp, seasoned eye of a professional. I believe his help will be the difference between my manuscript being good and being publishable.”

—Veronica Rossi, Will the Shadow

“Eric sees the whole story right away - even from a brief sample of writing. He tells you whether it rings true. He allows your writing to be what it is, your story, while offering simple, but eye opening suggestions for improvement.”

—Kathryn Fitzmaurice, The Year the Swallows Came Early (HarperCollins)

“Eric delivered incisive advice, presented clearly, that made my character's story arc jump off the page. This immediately allowed my teen novel to reach a more profound level. Eric's advice for advancing a writer's craft are fresh, immensely practical and delivered with kindness and generosity. I highly recommend Eric to coach you in writing your manuscript. I can't imagine anyone not being a better writer for the experience.”

—Andrea Mock, A Fish Without a Bicycle

“My sessions with Eric and the group at the Big Sur conference were extremely helpful to me. The changes he suggested have greatly influenced the piece I shared with the group. He was able to pinpoint problems quickly and effectively and lead me in the direction I need to go. I would definitely repeat the workshop and will consult with him when it is closer to a finished product for a final polish.”

—Lori Noonan, Liz & Luke